Attribute Changes Coming 4/22

Two important changes are coming for attributes effective 4/22

1) Attribute price difference display option

2) Price difference with discount percentage


These changes are a result of merchant feedback and will automatically be updated in all stores effective 9pm PST on Friday 4/22.  Details for each feature change along with examples are provided below.  Please contact us via support request for any questions.


Attribute Price Difference Display Option

Currently items with price differences are displayed in a dropdown for instance as

T-Shirt $16.00

With Options such as




Extra Large (+$2.00)


We will be adding an option to display using a new method where the extra large line would instead display as:

Extra Large ($18.00)

Ie $16.00 + $2.00 is $18.00 which is the total amount that the extra large shirt would cost.

This will be an option you can choose, all existing stores will by default stay on the current display method unless they choose the new display option.


Price difference with discount percentage

Currently if an item has a discount percentage applied and an attribute with a price difference the price difference is added on AFTER the discount is applied to the main item price.  The new formula for item price will apply the price difference FIRST and then apply the discount percentage.


T-Shirt Price $16

25% discount

Extra Large Price Difference $2

Old Calculation ($16 * 75%) + $2 = $14.00

New Calculation ($16 + 2) * 75% = $13.50