Website Unsafe Warning Removed

UpdateMicrosoft did remove this warning within about 20 minutes of it going up. We have yet to hear from them besides the email we received saying they would review our site in about 2 business days.

Original PostIf you are receiving an error upon going to the admin console please note that we are aware of this. The error states that the website may be unsafe. It appears that someone has apparently reported the site to Microsoft as unsafe which is what causes that error to come up. We have already contacted microsoft to get that message removed and are awaiting their action. There are no known issues and our site is crawled by our McAfee hackersafe software each and everyday to ensure that it remains safe for all of our users. We believe at this time that this is a malicious action by a competitor. Please note that you can bypass the message to continue with modifications to your website.

Please help us to get this error removed by clicking on the link that says to report this as a safe website. The more reports we have that we are a valid safe website the faster this message will get removed by microsoft. The communication we have received so far from microsoft states that the review process normally takes 2 business days to complete.