Shipping Issue 3/22

We regret to inform our merchants that from 12:30am – 8:30am this morning several StoreSecured merchants were experiencing shipping issues.  This issue impacted only merchants who were using the OLD shipping system.  During this time the system was incorrectly using the new shipping system for all merchants even those who had not chosen to use it.

How can I tell what shipping system I am using?
Go to shipping–>settings
There is a box labeled Use new shipping system
If this is checked you are using the NEW shipping system and were NOT impacted.
If this is not checked you are using the OLD shipping system and may have been impacted.

What happened during this time?
For merchants who are using the old shipping system, the system incorrectly pulled shipping rules from the new shipping system for your store.  For most merchants this is most likely not an issue because when the new shipping system was added the rules for all merchants were copied from your existing old shipping system to the new shipping system so in many cases there is no difference.

How did this happen?
During a scheduled update an error was introduced affecting the OLD shipping methods.

Has the issue been fixed?
Yes, the issue was corrected as of approximately 8:30am this morning and all systems are currently operating as normal.

How do I know it will not happen again?
We have added additional test cases to our release process to check for this condition and will be revisiting our testing process.

We sincerely apologize to all merchants who were impacted by this issue.